2.5" W x 15/16" CH Exmark / Toro with Spline X-Blade Dual Mulching Blade Adapter (3 pk)

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3 Pack X-Blade XBE adapter kit fits most 3 blade Exmark/Toro commercial mowers that have a SPLINE and with blades that are 2 1/2" wide, 3/16" thick and with at 15/16" center hole.   X-Blade Dual Blade Adapters must be used on FLAT, COMMERCIAL MOWER BLADES.  Will not work on Toro units with "lock plate" on spindle. (Not for use on homeowner zero turns/mowers, blades longer than 21" or stamped-non flat blades). Deck size 48"-61" mowers. 

The X-Blade dual mulching blade adapters hold your original blade and an additional mulching blade (not included) at a perfect 90 degree angle.  Your original blade (lower) will give the clean height of cut, and the mulching blade (above), with multiple cutting edges, pulverizes the cut grass as it cycles through the deck chamber and this will dramatically reduce the size of the grass clippings. These adapters are made in America with precision tooling and accuracy keeping your blades at a perfect 90 degree angle and balanced. 

Fitment Requirements: Fits most standard commercial Exmark/Toro mower blades that are 2 1/2" wide, .187-.204" (3/16") thick and have a 15/16" center hole and have a SPLINE on the spindle that will go through the two blades and adapter.  WILL NOT WORK ON EXMARK-TORO MOWER WITH HEXAGON BOLT IN SPINDLE SHAFT (the second blade will be loose and cause damage).  It is recommended to replace blade bolt with longer bolt to insure optimum thread coverage, Grade 8, 2 1/2" long, 1/2" fine thread found at any hardware store or purchase online.

Special Note: On mowers with Electric Clutch, it is recommended to power down the engine before you turn off the clutch to avoid wear on the internal brake in the clutch.

Proudly made in the USA.  This product ships Priority USPS. Please provide postal address.

Shipping Weight:  .80lb per pack