Common Questions & Answers

1) Are these hard on the unit? Extra weight on spindle, belts, engine?

The X-Blade Adapter Kit and added blades (not included) are not hard on the mower and have not posed a danger of damaging the mower.  As long as the machine is properly maintained and running at the proper RPMS, which should be a minimum of 3450, and the governor is working to its optimum potential, there is not any reason the machine would preform any differently with the added use of the X-Blade adapters and added blades.  Keep in mind, if a mower is struggling to cut grass properly before adding the X-Blade adapters & added blades, the addition of this set up will not improve the mowers quality of cut.  Obviously, the addition of the X-Blade Adapters and added blades will add some stress to belts and engine, but not enough to cause damage to machine or engine. Environmental elements are what damage spindles (wet grass, dirt, heat and poor maintenance), not perfectly machined, balanced and angled adapters.  Additionally, we have gotten endorsement from a major commercial mower brand that these X-Blade Dual Mulching Blade Adapters do not void the spindle warranty nor impose any belt or engine strain that would be of any worry or concern.

2)  Do customers run these adapters year around or just in the "mulching" season?

It's a matter of preference when it comes to how customers use the X-Blade Dual Mulching Blade Adapters & added blades.  The use of  the X-Blade adapter setup is to reduce the clipping size and volume amount of grass clippings, whether you are collecting or dispersing.  In some areas that "bag" or catch the clippings, the use of the X-Blade setup greatly reduces volume size within the catcher, allowing for more clippings to fit in a catcher .  Also, if "bagging" clippings, the use of the X-Blade set up creates more of a vacuum for better collection.  If a customer prefers to mulch, the use of the X-Blade Dual Mulching Blade Adapters and added blades will greatly reduce the size of grass clippings, pulverizing the cut grass as it cycles through the deck chamber, eliminating the need to double cut.

3) Do the stock length blade bolts work with the use of X-Blade Adapters?

It is recommended to replace the blade bolt with a longer bolt to insure optimum thread coverage.  Grade 8, 2 1/2" long, 1/2" fine thread found at any hardware store or purchased online.  The addition of the X-Blade set up will lower the height of cut by 1/4". 

It is common sense that if you install and retorque bolts, whether internally threaded or through spindle bolts, it is necessary to make sure there is full thread coverage and the blade bolt and nut are flush.  A longer blade bolt will be necessary to achieve this in some instances.

4)  Can you also use mulching blades in this system?

 Yes, as a matter of fact, X-Blade Dual Mulching Blade Adapter Kits were designed for the use of mulching blades.  It is recommended to use a mulching blade (top blade) above your normal OEM blade (bottom blade).  This combination creates multiple cutting edges which will achieve the optimum mulching blade experience, pulverizing and dispersing grass clippings with ease. 

You can always contact Tech support before ordering to confirm proper fit.  631-566-6085