All D'ttach Commercial Mower Attachments, Hitches & Accessories have a 90 day limited warranty, 1 yr structural warranty.  All D'ttach products are manufactured with quality materials and are built heavy duty to withstand the extreme wear and tear of a professional landscaper. We are confident that you will see the quality and craftsmanship of our products to be second to none.  However, if in the event there is a problem with your purchase, please contact us to resolve your concern.

Thank You for choosing D'ttach Commercial Mower Attachments & Accessories and

**HITCH DISCLAIMER - D'ttach Front Mount Hitch products are built heavy duty and built to last, however, it is recommended to exercise some common sense practices to protect the longevity of your hitch.  

1) The D'ttach Front Mount Hitch is not an "Automotive Class Hitch".  It is a mower accessory that is used as a receiver for D'ttach Commercial Mower Attachments and not intended to be used as an automobile hitch.

2) Do not drive heavy attachments, such as the D'ttach Pile Driver Leaf Plow or the KartMate Kart, excessively in the raised or "stow" position.  The heavy weight of the attachment while driving will flex the hitch and potentially bend the hitch and void the warranty. 

3) Be mindful that the raised and stow position of these products are a convenience feature to raise the product around obstacles or for storage...NOT FOR TRANSPORTING AND TRAVELING IN THE RAISED POSITION.