D'ttach Carry Barrel Transporter Mower Attachment

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 Compatible with Chemtainer 60 gallon landscaper carry barrel & Rubbermaid Brute 44 gallon trash can AND The Square Barrel (not included).  

The Carry Barrel Transporter, built for the D'ttach Attachment Series, will make the job easy when it comes to moving around a barrel full of landscaping material.  The D'ttach Carry Barrel Transporter locks & holds a standard 60 gallon Chemtainer carry barrel, the 44 gallon Rubbermaid Brute trash can or the Square Barrel (not included) out in front of your commercial mower.  Grass that is being bagged can be emptied directly into the carry barrel.  When full, the barrel can be driven to its final destination and emptied.  The DTCBT can also be useful for transporting mulch and landscape tools such as rakes, shovels, line trimmers, blowers, etc.  The DTCBT quickly and easily mounts to your D'ttach Attachment Series hitch (sold separately).  The barrel is quickly and securely mounted using the Auto Lock System.  The DTCBT is designed to allow you to move your carry barrel as quickly as your mower can travel while reducing the manpower necessary to transport your carry barrel.  

Recommended maximum weight allowed is the weight that ONE man can carry.  The purpose of the Carry Barrel Transporter is to save the life of your Green Barrels by not pushing and wearing out the bottom and save the "Man Power" of carrying mulch, grass clippings, equipment and supplies.

Shipping Weight 37lbs 

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