D'ttach Maintenance Jack Mower Attachment

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Built for the D'ttach Attachment Series, the D'ttach Maintenance Jack, Model # DTMJ is a lawn mower jack that easily and safely lifts the front of your heavy commercial mower off the ground allowing you to simply and safely service your mowers blades, clean under the cutting deck, or to lubricate and service the front caster wheels.  Achieve travel height of 26 inches with both a crank and quick drop foot.  You simply plug into your 2 inch D'ttach hitch, pull drop leg pin and reinsert pin, then crank to your desired height.  The sturdy square design handles weights up to 7000 lbs.  The DTMJ can be used on a variety of surfaces including dirt, grass, gravel, asphalt, or cement.  The D'ttach Maintenance Jack lawn mower jack is designed so that one person can easily and safely lift the front of a commercial mower in seconds.  

Shipping Weight 31lb