D'ttach DTPD-3600 Pile Driver Leaf Plow (36" Wide) Mower Attachment

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The D'ttach DTPD-3600 Pile Driver Leaf Plow is a smaller version of the DTPD-3650 Pile Driver Leaf Plow perfect for landscapers who have properties with small gates.  Measuring 36" wide, 36" high with all of the quality of the 50" leaf plow- Heavy duty, quality constructed, commercial mower attachment that uses your equipment's horsepower to plow through piles of leaves with ease - getting the job done faster! Like no other leaf plow attachment on the market, the D'ttach Pile Driver Leaf Plow is constructed from 3/16" aluminum plow blade and a welded steel frame making it "Landscaper Tough!" yet light on your mower.  Flat free, adjustable, commercial swivel caster wheels and the ONLY leaf plow attachment with DOWN PRESSURE!!….which eliminates leaves from getting under plow and riding up mounds.  The 4" ht, 1/4" thick rubber edge with a forward incline mount design, allows the rubber edge to stay rigid enough to plow through heavy leaf piles close to the ground.  The DTPD-3600 quickly and easily mounts to your D'ttach Attachment Series hitch (not included).  The D'ttach Pile Driver Leaf Plow is simply the BEST leaf plow attachment on the market!  Get your yard clean-ups done faster and more professionally with the D'ttach Pile Driver Leaf Plow!  

*RAISED POSITION DISCLAIMER - The D'ttach Pile Driver Leaf Plow offers a convenience feature that allows you to raise the leaf plow into a "raised" position for going over curbs and obstacles.  The RAISED POSITION IS NOT MEANT FOR LONG DISTANCE TRANSPORT.  Excessive transport of plow in the raised position is NOT RECOMMENDED.  The weight of the plow will flex the hitch an will potentially bend the hitch and void the hitch warranty. 

Shipped in 2 Boxes - (1) 55lb (1) 40lb