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If your machine has an existing caster wheel arm cross bar, attaching the D’ttach DTHALL-HD is Simple & Easy!

If your mower DOES NOT HAVE A CASTER WHEEL ARM CROSS BAR, please see small, medium & large cross bar kit which includes telescopic cross bar, brackets and hitch assy.   

D'ttach Front Mount Mower Hitch System ... One easy to install hitch can accommodate all of our D'ttach attachments and KartMate products.   The recommended installation height is 13"-14" to center of hitch in order for proper use with D'ttach Commercial Mower Attachments & Kart Mate.

DTHALL - 2” HITCH ASSY ONLY (INCLUDES MOUNTING HARDWARE & HITCH PIN).  2" Heavy Duty hitch with reinforced gussets.

Shipping Weight:  11lbs

All D'ttach Mfg products are Proudly Made in the USA!

This hitch fits the following mowers: 48" Bobcat Quick Cat, 52" Bobcat Quick Cat, 61" Bobcat Quick Cat, 61" Ferris F800X, 72" Ferris F800X, 48" Ferris FW35, 52" Ferris FW35, 61" Ferris FW35, 36" Hustler Super S, 48" Hustler Super S, 52" Hustler Super S, 60" Hustler Super S, 36" Wright Rapid Height, 42" Wright Rapid Height, 48" Wright Rapid Height, 52" Wright Rapid Height, 36" Wright Intensity, 42" Wright Intensity, 48" Wright Intensity, 52" Wright Intensity, 48" Wright Stander X (1st Generation), 52" Wright Stander X (1st Generation), 61" Wright Stander X (1st Generation) 48" Wright Stander B, 52" Wright Stander B, 36" Wright Sport I, 36" Wright Sport RH, 48" Wright Sentar, 36" Wright Sentar Sport